Vegetarian Indian Feast


Vegetarian Indian Feast


Indian food is one of Chef Contos' specialties as she spent one year cooking every Sunday at an Ashram in New Mexico years ago. Join the fun as we master the art Indian food! With all its exotic ingredients, unfamiliar dishes, and tongue-tingling flavors, Indian cuisine can be both exciting and intimidating. “It’s such a complete world of taste. You combine all the techniques from other cuisines and add magical spices to get a titillating food experience.

You will learn about spices and certainly how to make samosas! Every cuisine worth its snuff has a pocket food. Empanadas, pierogie, Cornish pasties, bao -- you name it. The samosa is the Indian version of these portable treats, and it's popular throughout South Asia. The pastries can be baked or fried, but are notable for their triangular shape. Inside the crispy, flaky flour shell you'll typically find an assortment of vegetables: Peas, potatoes and onions are most common. Samosas aren't always spicy, but can be. They're among the most accessible of Indian dishes thanks to their finger-food-friendly size and tasty, simple filling. I tend to think of samosas as an appetizer before a meal. You will love them!

Authentic class-made Curry Powder
Wintery Vegetable Curry
Tumeric Currant Basmati Rice
Black Dal

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