Real Food Heals: Cozy Winter Favorites

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Real Food Heals: Cozy Winter Favorites


Vegetables are our best friend and we needed another reason to celebrate them! In this class our goal is to get you excited and motivated with new recipes and techniques to take home to your kitchen. We will prepare some memorable main dishes along with some snacks to have for easy munching when we are busy.

What does Real Food Heals mean? It most certainly means that we are eating for our health but it also must taste delicious and be memorable. It also means that we will be avoiding industrial oils, dairy, grains, sugar, and corn. We will not be afraid of healthy fats. So what do we eat? Vegetables! Let’s shoot for a goal of 70% vegetables a day with meats as the garnish. Use this class to reclaim your health. Wherever you are in your personal journey towards health, this class will fit in. Whether your goal is to lose a few pounds, reduce the symptoms of an autoimmune disease, eat more Keto, or just have more energy, this class will inspire you.


Spicy Coconut Curry with Chicken and Vegetables
Sweet Potatoes Sticks with Creamy Tahini Roasted Garlic Sauce
Winter Vegetable Salad with Ginger Carrot Dressing
Mushrooms Cooked Right
and more …

gluten free

  • sugar free

  • grain free

  • lectin free

  • corn free

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