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Kids Camp: International Flavors $250

Kids Camp: International Flavors $250 - July

Kids Camp: International Flavors
Starts Monday July 22 - 24 10:00-12:30

In this intensive 3 days culinary camp they will learn about the vibrant flavors of Mexican, Italian, and Asian cuisines. Many valuable skills will be taught that the kids will have for a lifetime!

Day one: Explore the flavors of Mexico. They will learn how to press and cook corn tortillas! Also on the menu is salsa, guacamole, and roasted chicken for tacos.

Day two: Pasta! Pasta! This is a hands-on pasta workshop day! They will leave experts and enjoy delicious homemade pasta with meatballs.

Day three: This day they will be making dumplings! The filling will be all vegetable and they will prepare a tasty dipping sauce. For dessert we will pull out the ice cream machine and make coconut chocolate ice cream which they will enjoy with grilled pineapple.

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