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Real Food Heals: Spices, Herbs and Staples $100

Real Food Heals: Spices, Herbs and Staples

What does Real Food Heals mean? It most certainly means that we are eating for our health but it also must taste delicious and be memorable. It also means that we will be avoiding industrial oils, dairy, grains, sugar, and corn. We will not be afraid of healthy fats. So what do we eat? Vegetables! Let’s shoot for a goal of 70% vegetables a day with meats as the garnish. Use this class to reclaim your health. Wherever you are in your personal journey towards health, this class will fit in. Whether your goal is to lose a few pounds, reduce the symptoms of an autoimmune disease, eat more Keto, or just have more energy, this class will inspire you.

We will be focussing on the ingredients that make our food blast off.

The Plan:
Miso Lime Vinaigrette turned into my favorite new Salad!
Macadamia Milk spiced with Mace
Cranberry Almond Pancakes
Japanese Vegetable Pancakes
Roasted Fennel with class-made Harissa
Class made Yucatan Spice Blend & Coffee Spice

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