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Washoku: Japanese Cuisine $75 SOLD OUT

Translated as "food of Japan," Washoku is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Balanced as both simple, yet complicated, and plain, yet sophisticated, Japanese food has earned praise worldwide for being healthy and flavorful. Prepare yourself and be inspired by salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami flavors, with equal emphasis placed on harmony and satisfying all the senses.

Washoku is often made up of four elements: cooked rice, which serves as the staple food; soups and side dishes to make the rice more palatable, and tsukemono, Japanese pickles. This typical and simple format is expressed in the term ichiju-sansai (“a bowl of soup and three side dishes”) as follows: a bowl of plain steamed rice, a small plate of konomono (pickled seasonal vegetables), a bowl of ju (soup), which contains vegetables or tofu and uses the broth of kombu kelp or shavings of dried bonito; miso and salt are added for flavor, three sai (main/side dishes), which vary but can be cooked fish, tofu, vegetables with dressing.

Spinach & Scallion Negimaki
Pork Tonkotsu
Miso Soup
Avocado Maki

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