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Artist: Ottolenghi $70 (1 Space)

The first in a new series of classes, Artist: Ottolenghi is a class focused and inspired by the talents and recipes from famed Chef Yotem Ottolenghi. His cookbooks "Plenty," "Plenty More," "Jerusalem," and "Sweet" are valued members of our collection they see plenty of time off the shelves and open in our kitchens. Expect a class full of enthusiasm and creativity - just as one would expect in Ottolenghi's London restaurants.

The Artist series will continue through 2018, each class highlighting a particular chef that has influenced Chef Contos throughout her culinary career. 

Cauliflower Feta Torte
Indian Ratatouille
Green Beans in Herbs & Tahini
Kofta in Tahini
and more... 

Sign up online or call 802-497-3942.

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