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These Brilliant Mexican Sauces $70 (GF) (1 space)

 Mexican cuisine is based on sauces (salsas). There is a large variety of these sauces and they will add life to your cooking.  Salsas in Mexico are the basis of traditional meals; they are not dips or “pico de gallo” salsa type. Mexican sauces (salsas) are used to top poultry, fish and meat, including vegetables. 

Chef Contos' love affair with Mexico has her traveling back and forth on a regular basis. She has so much fun exploring the markets and various local cuisines. In the class you will make many of the sauces that are the foundations of Mexican cooking. The sauces will be served with tortillas, grilled chicken and other taco garnishes. You don't want to miss this flavorful class.

Mole Verde
Bright Red Chile with Cinnamon
Papadzules (pumpkin seed sauce)
Roasted Tomatillo & Serrano
Chile & Peanut Sauce
Year Round Table Salsa

Music: Salsa

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