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Syrian Kitchen Unveiled $70 SOLD OUT

Get ready to excite your pallet! Syrian food is Arabic, similar to the Middle Eastern food found elsewhere, especially in Jordan and Lebanon. Mezzeh or small starters, which include hummus, tabbouleh (a parsley and tomato salad) and steamed rice, topped with grilled sliced eggplant, meat, tomato and pine nuts.  Syria is a country that is fortunate enough to have a huge number of local foods and animals as the weather and location of the country provides fertile lands along the water and inland. Among the more common foods found in Syria are onions, garlic, eggplant, pomegranate, figs, dates, olives, chickpeas, grapes, wheat, and barley. The animals present are also numerous as sheep, chicken, and goat. The sheep and goats are also used to produce dairy products as well, although dairy is limited in the diet today. Off the coast in the Mediterranean Sea there is also an abundance of sea life, which has historically been used for food.

Marinated Olives with Herbs & Sesame Seeds
Minted Garlic Falafel
Muhammara (red pepper & walnut dip)
Hummus served with Braised Lamb & Pine Nuts
Class Made Yeasted Flatbread Bread

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