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French Alps $70 SOLD OUT

Everyone knows that if you want to truly know an area, you should talk to the locals. In the windy, snow-covered chill of the French Alps, this means venturing beyond the ski resorts and tech moguls to see for yourself that the local food has roots that run deep. Even insulated parkas and the best of heating systems can't quite chase out the bracing cold here, and the food is true to its purpose, made to nourish and keep you warm. Ingredients are abundant with mushrooms, cream, potatoes, apples, and cheese. We can't wait to share with you the incredible taste and depth of flavor these mountains have to offer!

Cheese Fondue served with Pears, Sour Dough, & Vegetables
Crozets de Savoie (tiny square shaped buckwheat pasta that's a specialty of the area)
Sausages braised in Red Wine with Nutmeg
Gateau de Savoie (Local Cake Sponge Cake Served with Wine Cooked Berries)

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