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Don't Worry, Eat Happy $70 (Gluten Free) (SOLD OUT)

Balancing a healthy and satisfying diet with our busy lives can be a struggle - especially when the food and family of holiday festivities approaches. We promise, health conscious food can be flavorful, fun, and low-stress! Come relax in our kitchen and learn a series of delicious and deceptively simple recipes to incorporate into your weekly meal plans.

Mango Ginger Fiz
Whipped Lentil Chipotle Dip Served
Wedge Salad with Caesar Dressing, Crispy Garlicky Chickpeas, Sesame Seeds, & Tomatoes
Thanksgiving Panzanella Salad
Creamy quinoa with white bean risotto with crispy basic florets
Chef Contos' Favorite Flourless Chocolate Almond Cake (vegan)

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