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Colombia $75 SOLD OUT

Colombians are the masters of comfort food! Join us on our culinary journey of Colombian where we will be making some of the top dishes.

They are avocado-holics and take pride in using the locally riased and grown ingredients. Arepas, or “corn cakes,” are not the sweet baked goods their English translation may indicate. They are to Colombians what tortillas are to Mexicans – as in they go with anything at any time and any place. Arepas come in different sizes and varieties. We will be making arepas stuffed with cheese. 
Don't miss this fun trip with us!

Hoago Sauce (a special tomato onions sauce), Aji Picante (hot sauce), Cheese Stuffed Arepas, Arroz Atollado de Pollo y Chorizo (chicken & Chorizo Rice), Fried Plaintains, Tres Lechese Cake

Music: Cumbia

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